Why Blog?

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Why do people from all walks of life create blogs (or even bother to write)?

Writing, blogging, or whatever forms of communication is a platform to express ideas, random thoughts, and concerns. Blogging is the platform I like because it can be more personal and free of certain restrictions.

My goal for this blog is to create a platform for: random walks through my mind, pooling of thoughts, and experiment with nifty tools. I do not know what exact topics would populate my blog but it will definitely focus on geoeconomics, international political economy, and the Asia-Pacific (including the US). A lot of times I will also focus on how to pull these thoughts into macro investing especially as I try to figure out what works.

Long gone are the days when blogs and similar personal journals (like Livejournal) were meant to talk about random day-to-day stuff. In place, blogs saw a resurgence from being a storage of aggregated daily links to a notebook of personal thoughts and insights to fostering new services and communities [i.e. Economonitor (Roubini Global Economics), FT Alphaville (as experimentation for the FT)].

Here are also two blog posts that talk about the importance of blogging:

Mentioning Twitter, there are many thoughts out in the public sphere debating on the profitability of the platform to how it manages itself. Outside of the politically charged debates on its objectivity to financial survival, the reality is that Twitter remains a great place for journalists, experts, academics and the curious public to throw thoughts around albeit attached with cynical banter.

As a final thought, I have chosen to return to blogs after people I meet say time-over-time that I should blog even if it is talking to the wall in the beginning. Instead of contemplation, I am going to try this. The only issue is keeping this as a good habit (I somehow got myself dedicated to checking Twitter and using it daily) but it is hard. In truth, I tried blogging a few years back with amazing results surprising a lot of people (assumptions without actually asking is almost always wrong) but never got to keep the habit of writing for any blog.
Thanks for staying with my long-winded first post. Now, I hope that I can make a good habit with a consistent schedule. To end, technology for all sorts of communications has come a long way since I first saw blogging/digital media (a story for another post).

Welcome to my world!

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